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Amazing Renovations specialize in the renovations and remodeling along with emergency repairs, in a home or business setting. We strive to amaze and delight our customers with the very best craftsmanship at the most affordable prices. Furthermore we have the experience and professionalism to perform the highest quality work. We're a local, respected name, serving the community of Conroe Tx for over 15 years.

Our service and repair techs undergo the most stringent requirements so you can be sure of a job done right the very first time- our good name stands behind every work we do. We feature a wide variety of services that will increase the value of your home or business.

What We Do

We perform the design, building, installation and maintenance of security gates. Security gates are a cost effective method of enhancing safety and security either for a home or business. There are several purposes:

  • Offer protection from vehicles as they cannot trespass the property.
  • Add style to the entrance of a home.
  • Enhance safety by preventing people from entering.

There are two types of gates for different needs and budgets:

  • Electronic gates; they can be convenient and practical.
  • Manual gates, which are cost effective while promoting security.

We have a wide variety of security gates to choose from:

  • Swinging gates, for places with lots of space such as farms and ranches.
  • Wrought iron gates create a grand entrance to either a home or business.
  • Wooden gates help keep cattle and other valuables in place.
  • Fence gates protect the perimeter of a home or business. The gate can be electrified.
  • Sliding gates for where there's a space shortage, such as when a building is narrowly sandwiched between two other buildings.

We offer the most up-to-date, timely advice so you can make a wise decision regarding the type of fence needed. That's one reason we're the leader. Nothing is more important than the security of family and valuable property.

There's only one choice in Conroe Tx for the very best customer service and advice before, during and after the sale- Amazing Renovations.