Home Theaters in Conroe, TX.

Amazing Renovations can make one of our home theaters your place for relaxing, entertaining and enjoying the technological innovations that the entertainment industry has brought to the well-equipped home theatre. The home owner in Conroe, TX can now have theatre quality movies with all of the sound quality and effects as well as the lighting, and the highest quality seating that is better than the theaters have. Our home theatres have every high-tech feature that will bring the show alive and into your home with spectacular beauty and amazing action sequences.

Designing and Building the Home Theater

Designing and building a home theater room requires amazing attention to detail. Integrating high quality speakers and receivers is essential. Correctly selecting and installing Blu-Ray players and projectors along with the proper cabling is important. Acoustics and high-tech lighting décor are critical components of a home theater system. At Amazing Renovations, our engineers will construct a home theater that brings everything together in a wonderful entertainment package.

We do not design a home theater in a vacuum; the homeowner is involved every step of the way. Our engineers consider the homeowner’s wishes when designing the theater and when selecting the components. We want to make your home entertainment experience is an experience you will want to share with friends and family.

These Are Features That You Will Find In Our Custom Theater Build :

  • Engineered component placement and the proper location research
  • Installation of the appropriate sound adjustments for the theater size
  • Match the video size in relation to the seating arrangement
  • Placement of custom lighting and leveling for maximum effect
  • Installation of the proper audio/visual equipment for the space.
  • Electrical supply for the equipment installed
  • Installation of acoustic enhancements